Yukon Zinc Mill, Power Plant and Single Assets for Sale

Welichem Equipment Limited owns substantially all of the removable assets at the Wolverine Mine in the Yukon Territories, Canada. These assets are now available for sale, including the entire Mill, Power Plant and 100 pieces of single items. Wolverine had previously been a producing mine owned by Yukon Zinc Corporation and the Mill operated at a design capacity of 1,700 tonnes per day.


Wolverine Mine is located 282km northeast of the city of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. It is accessible by a 45-minute charter flight with Tintina Air from Whitehorse to the minesite airstrip. Vehicle access is via the Robert Campbell Highway, also known as Yukon Highway 4, which connects directly to the Mine's 27km private access road. The total vehicle journey from Whitehorse to Wolverine Mine is 600km or about 7 hours in fair weather.

Mill for Sale

The Mill's design capacity is 1,700 tonnes per day, producing copper, lead and zinc concentrate. The entire processing flowsheet is available for sale, including all contents of the Mill Processing Building, Crusher Building, Concentrate Building, Assay Lab and Batch Plant Facility. We are seeking a single buyer or strategic partner for the entire Mill and do not currently contemplate selling parts piecemeal. The asking price for the entire Mill is $10 million Canadian dollars. Alternatively, we are willing to take equity to become strategic partners in lieu of cash if value could be unlocked by matching the Mill with a PEA-stage deposit.

Power Plant for Sale

The 10 MW Power Plant includes eight 1450 kw diesel generator sets, each rated at 1,200 rpm with 1.3 MW of continuous power and 1.5 MW of prime power. The asking price for the Power Plant is $2 million Canadian dollars.

Single Item Assets for Sale

In addition to the Mill and Power Plant, we are offering for sale 100 single items including underground mining equipment (Sandvik, MacLean and Mine Cat haul trucks, scoops, scissor bolters and drill rigs), construction equipment, tools, vehicles and other assets worth over $5 million Canadian Dollars:


For more information and to schedule a site visit, please contact James Dai, Chief Financial Officer, at jamesdai@ljresources.com. Visitors are asked to please review the Safety Orientation ahead of their visit.